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In order to join us, you need to make a commitment to the Tribe for either THREE, SIX, or TWELVE months.

Once your commitment ends, your membership will automatically renew unless you cancel it. You can also upgrade or downgrade to any of the following options:

In order to join us, you need to make a commitment to the Tribe for either THREE, SIX, or TWELVE months.

Once your commitment ends, your membership will automatically renew unless you cancel it. (You can cancel it yourself easily in one click).

Want to see what’s included with each individual PACKAGE? You can see it all right here.

AND…Here’s all the CONTENT you get with your membership each month:

A brand new Etsy course each month…we’ll be covering Etsy shop setup from start to finish in these courses (normally $97-297 per course, you get these FREE with your membership fee).

1x LIVE Q&A session each month. These sessions are broadcast in the Facebook group. If you’d like to ask a question and get an answer directly from me, you can post your question right here.  (The best questions will be answered live by video, everything else will get a personalized answer in the comments).

1x LIVE “Get Shit Done” day each month. You know what the hardest thing about running a business is? Finding the TIME to actually get shit done. These 1-hour sessions solve that problem. Jump on and watch me set up (or completely automate) an Etsy task that will help you run a more efficient business. Complete the task along with the video — no waiting needed! By the time the video ends, you can check that task off your list! Get shit done with these monthly sessions.

Not to mention these BONUSES! Looking for extra Etsy goodies? Take a look at the Etsy Rolodex: your ultimate guide to the TOOLS or PEOPLE who can do it for you! Find it all in the Rolodex — see what I use to run my biz, and use the index to finish your to-do list faster.

Oh, and don’t forget the roadmap to how I quit my job in six months: You’ll learn how I tripled my income in six short months, and what you need to focus on NOW to get the same results.

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You can do lots of kick ass things with the Tribe portal (aka this website). Wanna learn the big ones in 2 minutes or less? Check out this video:

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Contact + Help

Why yes, you can. I offer a “Go Godzilla” version of the Tribe…and it includes all this goodness:

Go Godzilla: 1-Year Commitment

Looking for PERSONALIZED guidance? In this option, you get everything in Beast Mode, plus a 60-minute ETSY STRATEGY CALL that comes with all this:

  • Personalized Competitor Analysis
  • Custom Plan of Action designed specifically for your goals
  • A trello board full of homework just for you, and all the stuff you need to do it, gathered up in ONE PLACE!
  • *BONUS* Shop Critique (raw and unedited, see my HONEST reaction to viewing your shop for the first time!)

Want a sneak peek into the Go Godzilla life? Watch the video here.

Instead of unfocused calls where you just show up and talk about whatever’s on your mind that day, we’re gonna address the REAL problem head on.

You’ll be assigned one super-specific project that’s tailored perfectly to your business, your shop, and what YOU want to do. That version of you, 5 years from now, who knows everything you don’t know now?? We’re going to catapult you straight toward her (and shave YEARS off your journey in the process!)

Oh wait, did I mention I’m gonna dive DEEP into your biz? Like as in, I’ll actually KNOW what you’re selling, what’s on your website, and how the entire structure of your shit WORKS? Because honestly, if you have to explain it to me, that’s just a waste of your time. You need a program where your coach is willing to get down and dirty with your existing stuff. (And hey, is some moderate internet stalking REALLY that much to ask??)

This option is for you if:

✔ You’re STUCK and you’re ready to fix the problem YESTERDAY.
✔ Your shop USED to do well or it’s currently doing well.
✔ You’re ready to make back the $$ you invest in your business.

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